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Year 4 Information Book Award 2014

On Monday, all of Year 4 gathered in Miss Walton's classroom for an important announcement...



We found out that we have been invited to be the judges for the Hampshire Information Book Award 2014!

We discussed what information books are and what we would look for in a successful information book:



Next, Miss Walton explain that we would be judging the 5 books using the "Three 'A's". These are Appeal, Accuracy and Authority.

We were each given our very own judging card to complete as we explored each book:



Finally it was time to get started! We explored each book in turn and discussed what we liked and disliked about each one.



Once we had each filled in our judging cards the 'Mathematicians' collected them up and had the difficult task of adding up the scores for each book.



While this took place, each group made a podcast about one of the books. You can find some of these on the podcast section of the website.

At the end of the afternoon, we gathered together ready for the winner to be announced.

The winning book was.... GET COOKING!!


We all enjoyed being judges and are looking forward to the books being added to the Milford Primary School Library.