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Circus Skills

 This week, we had Doody come to our school to teach us various circus skills. We each had a workshop consisting of a range of skills including spinning a toothbrush, balancing a peacock feather and spinning a plate. We had so much fun and in English, we have been writing recounts of our fantastic day! 
Picture 1 Toothbrush spinning
Picture 2 Juggling!
Picture 3 Diablo spinning
Picture 4 Learning to use flower sticks
Picture 5 Chinese Ribbons!
Picture 6 Testing our skills
Picture 7 Watching and listening carefully
Picture 8 Unicycle!
Picture 9 Chinese Ribbons!
Picture 10 Mr Wilson testing the unicycle out!
Picture 11 Juggling!
Picture 12 Diablo spinning
Picture 13 Tight rope walking
Picture 14 Walking on stilts!
Picture 15 Walking on stilts!
Picture 16 Diablo spinning
Picture 17 Tight rope walking
Picture 18 Hula hoop!
Picture 19 Tight rope walking
Picture 20 Tight rope walking
Picture 21 Plate spinning game
Picture 22 Plate spinning game
Picture 23 Plate spinning game
Picture 24 Plate spinning game
Picture 25 Plate spinning game
Picture 26 Plate spinning game
Picture 27 Balancing feathers on our fingers
Picture 28 Balancing feathers
Picture 29 Balancing feathers on our fingers
Picture 30 Pogo Sticks
Picture 31 Testing our balance
Picture 32 Tight rope walking
Picture 33 Plate spinning
Picture 34 Balancing feathers on our nose
Picture 35 Balancing feathers on our fingers