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Home Learning

MOSPS Home Learning has been set up by our class teachers and will be available throughout the school closure.

On this page you can find support and guidance to help you make the most of our Home Learning provision.

More personalised details of your child's Home Learning, where tasks have been organised into week blocks of activities (to provide a coherent learning journey during these unusual times) can be found in the Year Group Pages by following the link below:

Additional resources for Home Learning appropriate to children of all ages can be found at the bottom of this page.


A word about MOSPS Home Learning...


At MOSPS we recognise that:

• learning at home is distinctive and different to school and must allow flexibility for children and parents to work in structures right for their own circumstances

• successful home learning activities are likely to draw upon children’s existing skills and understanding rather than ask parents to introduce new ideas.  Tasks should therefore be designed so that the parent/carer role is one of encouragement rather than teacher

• there may be several children at different stages of learning in one household so adult attention must be shared. Where possible similar themes/topics are explored at a different pitch to allow siblings to participate together but with different age appropriate outcomes

• activities should draw upon children s own interests and uniqueness and give a positive sense of achievement and well-being through the success in activities and avoid creating unnecessary stress in an already challenging set of circumstances

• children’s home settings and access to resources vary enormously and so tasks need to reflect this

•  home learning should enable the contact between staff, parents and children to be positive and affirming. It should not increase stress or put deadlines and extra pressure on families and pupils.


We hope that you will find the documents and advice on this page useful. If you have any questions regarding your child's Home Learning, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher via their gmail accounts ( see class pages).


And finally.....

As part of our Home Learning will be making use of online resources, please can we respectfully remind parents to keep their children safe online in relation to home security filters, supervision of their children and the amount of screen time they have per day.


Home Learning Weekly Topic Webs 


Click the link below to see our weekly Topic Webs - This week our topic theme is 'VE Day 75th Anniversary'.

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