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Design and Technology: Fairground Rides

This week Year 5/6 have been designing and making their very own fairground rides. 

They have looked at real fairground rides for inspiration and have either created a ferris wheel or a carousel. 

In order to make the ride, each child has used wood to produce a frame which holds a pulley, motor and axle. They have created a circuit using wires, batteries and a motor, and have connected these using an elastic band. This was quite tricky and entailed some careful measuring and accurate construction to ensure the moving parts all worked correctly!

Cardboard boxes have been used to house the frame and to create a base for the ride. These have been wrapped up and decorated. Some children used ICT to help create labels and images for this. 

Once the frame was complete, the children had to work out how to create either the ferris wheel or carousel, and decide how this was going to be attached to the base of the ride. 

Finally, pods, chairs and other parts were created and attached. 

Take a look at the podcast section of the website to see all the hard work that has gone into this project and the fantastic final products.