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We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


Year R were so excited by the delivery of 5 mystery eggs. We were asked to very carefully look after the eggs, which were in an incubator to keep warm. Our Foxes and Badgers are now experts and know how to be gentle and careful, so we knew it was a great challenge for them!

We have made some super predictions as to what may hatch including..... dragons, chicks, turtles, fish, birds and dinosaurs! How egg-citing!!!

The children enjoyed looking at our eggs up close using magnifying glasses. There was lots of excited chatter when we noticed a few bumps on the eggs called "pips" where the creatures have tapped away, trying to hatch! They recorded their predictions of what's inside......what could it be??!

They were very excited to meet two lovely little ducklings, who they named Sonic and Geoffrey! We talked about what the ducklings look like. Some super descriptions and opportunity for discussion!

“They are fluffy and tiny”, “and they are yellow”. “They have pink feet and pink beaks”. “They have flippers - that’s for swimming” and “Their tails are white”. “The eyes are black and small, two, on the side”. “The feet help them to swim in the water, they move their legs back and forward”. “Our feet are straight the ducklings have different feet.”

We talked about how our eyes are different with different colours and where they are on our face and where the duckling’s eyes are. We talked about how our feet are different. The children were super gentle when we got the ducklings out.

The children were absolutely delighted to see our ducklings take to the water for the very first time. We watched them intently as they tried out the shallow end and then confidently used their webbed feet for the first time to zoom about splishing and splashing everywhere!

The children really enjoyed their time with the ducklings, helping them to explore the artificial grass in the tough tray. With quite a nip in the air, it was too cold to introduce them to real grass this week. There was still lots to see, with our beautiful ducklings rushing around, having a snack on the grass and then a little nap in a nice warm hand or two. The ducklings really enjoyed their time with the children and the children loved watching them too. They were very good at understanding that the ducklings could choose who to visit and that they might not choose to come to everyone. They were all so gentle and patient...a great experience for the children and so lovely to see!

The children had one last session with the ducklings before they were collected to return to the farm. They watched in delight as they zoomed around in our water tray! We absolutely loved having them and have been so impressed with our children's attitude towards them - gentle, calm and caring - well done everyone! You are a credit to MOSPS!