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Earth Day 22nd April 2020

Earth Day - 22nd April 2020


Today is the 50th anniversary of world Earth Day.

As a way of marking this important day and showing that, as a member of the MOSPS family, 'We CARE' about our planet, you could have a go at one of the following activities. We hope that you have fun thinking about the Earth and what it provides us.

Happy Earth Day 2020!

Species Spotter - Camera Challenge


Why not go out into your garden, or take a nature walk as part of your exercise routine today. Take a photo of any wild animal you spot - ( it could be an insect, bird, amphibian, reptile, or mammal).

Send your photos into your class teachers (using their gmail accounts) and we will put the photos together on a web page to record what animal species we have living in our neighbourhood.

Recycle Challenge


Find some old materials in your house such as old clothes or recycling. Make some jewellery or a new bag or a plant holder out of the old materials.

Send in a picture of what you have made (to your teacher's email address) labelling it 'Earth Day Recycle Challenge' and we'll post it in our Earth Day gallery.

Plastic Challenge


Conduct a plastic audit in your home - perhaps each member of your family could take a different room. Count how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles, toys and bags are in your kitchen and bathroom. Let us know how many things you found by emailing your results (with a photo) to your class teacher - we'll post interesting results on the Earth Day Gallery.


Art Challenge


Draw a picture or make a collage of the Earth feeling sad under the weight of pollution. Can you come up with a slogan that everyone can follow to protect the planet? Share your creation by emailing it to your class teacher and we will post them in our Earth Day Gallery.


You could also do one of the following.....

Make a Scale Model of Earth

Understand the different layers of our amazing earth by making a colourful plasticine model.

Learn an Earth Day Song - or use this one to inspire you to write and record your own

To celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April 2020 sing along to this Earth Day song for children and kids all over the world!

Watch the amazing film WALL:E and think about its message.