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Gamechangers 2024






As part of our Collective Worship this year we have been learning all about Gamechangers. The children have found out about gamechangers for the environment, in the Bible,  in art and in other contexts such as sport and education. They have been thinking about what is takes to be a gamechanger and how anyone can be a gamechanger - a small action can have a BIG impact! 


Following on from Miss Walton's visit in September, we have continued our partnership with Freedom to Learn and Kushadevi School out in Nepal.


In the build up to our Sports Days, the children at both schools have been exchanging photos and videos in order to learn more about their favourite sports, who inspires them and what sports they do in and out of school. It is clear that the children at Kushadevi School LOVE sport, just like the children at MOSPS. Unfortunately though, the children at Kushadevi School don't have the same opportunities as the children at MOSPS when it comes to sport. They currently don't have any PE teachers, and their teachers do not know how to effectively teach PE as they have not had any training, despite having various sporting equipment like rugby balls and kit that has been donated to the school. Having met with Joey and SK from Freedom to Learn, we have found out that it would cost £3000 to fund a PE teacher for one year for Kushadevi School. 


Having shared this information with the children, we have set them a challenge to be gamechangers for our friends out in Nepal. We have set them the challenge of raising £3000 in order to fund a PE teacher for a year for Kushadevi School. Our challenge is called '3 is the Magic Number' and the children have been coming up with lots of different sporting challenges that they could do to raise money. Ideas have included:


  • 3km run
  • 30 keepy uppies in football
  • 30 swimming laps
  • 300 minutes of football
  • 30 skips
  • 3 mile bike ride
  • 30 km run over 30 days
  • Learn 3 different dances
  • Hula hoop for 3 minutes
  • 30 cartwheels in a row
  • 3 stroke swimming competition
  • Try 3 new sports
  • Skateboard or roller blade for 3 hours
  • 300 squats


We have set up a Facebook fundraising page in order to collect any donations from challenges that children choose to complete. Click this link to take a look: Don't forget to post to say what the challenge was and how much was raised - teachers would love to hear via Gmail about any challenges too so we can celebrate them on this page. SK, out in Nepal, will be sharing our progress with the children at Kushadevi too.


As part of our collaborative learning about sport, we found out that schools in Nepal start their day with an exercise routine. So, to kick start our '3 is the Magic Number' challenge, we have set the whole school the challenge of learning Kushadevi School's morning routine. This will be performed at our Sports Days and Joey from Freedom to Learn will be coming along to take a look and film this to send to the children at Kushadevi. They are also hosting their own Sports Day event this year too and we are looking forward to receiving pictures of this! 


Take a look at some of the pictures and video clips from Miss Walton's worship below. There is also a link at the bottom to watch the full assembly routine that we are practising in school for Sports Day and the videos that the children at MOSPS have made to send out to Kushadevi School.



Good morning from Nepal.MP4

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Kushadevi assembly school national anthem.MP4

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Favourite Fotballer 2.mp4

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Infant Sports Day 2024

Junior Sport Day 2024

Our MOSPS Gamechangers!