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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


We are so pleased to now be a Heartsmart School. Heartsmart is a creative approach that we use to build character, emotional health and resilience in our children. It enables children to adopt a growth mindset whilst maintaining a healthy emotional self. Heartsmart is about loving and accepting ourselves as well as loving and responding well to others.


The programme is focused around Boris the Robot who is made from bits and bobs and recycled rubbish. The children read his story of learning not to listen to the Scrapman's voice (who says he belongs to the scrapheap) through reading and referring to the book, Boris the Robot.



There are 5 themes, known as the 'High Five' that Boris shares throughout the year which are linked to the principles of feeling valued, considering others and showing empathy, forgiveness, being truthful and not giving up when faced with a challenge.




Too Much Selfie Isn't Healthy!


As part of this high five, the children have been doing a lot of thinking about teamwork and what makes a successful team and what doesn't.


In Year 1 and 2 the children had to work together to create a new Gingerbread house as part of their English topic of Hansel and Gretel.



They then worked together in art creating abstract pictures as part of our topic on collage.