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Hurst Castle

Key Stage 1 have been learning all about Dragons and Castles!

On the 19th June 2015, we took a very exciting trip to our very own Hurst Castle. We travelled together on two ferries and spent the day looking at the features of the castle and learning all about its Tudor history.

The children had 3 activities throughout the day:


  • A tour and fact page to answer
  • An I-Spy sheet to find the different parts of the castle
  • Sketching and collecting the surrounding landscape

The children had a fantastic time and learnt so much about this local piece of history. 
Picture 1 Our Ferry Journey!
Picture 2 Getting ready for the day ahead
Picture 3 Getting ready for the day ahead
Picture 4 Exploring the keep
Picture 5 Exploring the keep
Picture 6 Learning about Charles Ist as a prisoner
Picture 7 Hurst Castle
Picture 8 Collecting landscape
Picture 9 Collecting landscape
Picture 10 Sketching the castle
Picture 11 Sketching the castle
Picture 12 Sketching the castle
Picture 13 Playing I-Spy
Picture 14 Playing I-Spy
Picture 15 Playing I-Spy
Picture 16 Playing I-Spy
Picture 17 Playing I-Spy
Picture 18 Playing I-Spy
Picture 19 Playing I-Spy
Picture 20 Playing I-Spy
Picture 21 On the ferry
Picture 22 On the ferry
Picture 23 Sketching the lighthouse
Picture 24 Playing I-Spy
Picture 25 Playing I-Spy
Picture 26 Playing I-Spy
Picture 27 Following the tracks
Picture 28 On the tour
Picture 29 On the top of the keep
Picture 30 On the top of the keep
Picture 31 View from the keep
Picture 32 In the keep
Picture 33 On the tour
Picture 34 On the tour
Picture 35 Finding the cannon
Picture 36 On the tour