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Investigating Coasts

Year 5/6 have been learning all about ‘Coasts’ and have been using their local area as inspiration for their own art work and poetry.
At the beginning of the topic, the children took part in art workshops, where they looked at a range of famous paintings, sculpture and prints linked with the Coast.
As part of their Geography learning, the children spent a morning at Hurst Spit, where they made notes and sketches, and also took photographs as inspiration for their artwork back in the classroom.

Once back in the class children wrote their own poetry linked with their local surroundings and linked these with their art work.
They have experimented with watercolours, poster paints, clay and oil pastels and have learnt how to created washes and textures, mix different colour hues and shades,  blend pastels to create different effects and use tools to mould clay into different shapes.
At the end of the topic, the children in Year 5/6 set up a ‘Coasts Gallery’ and invited their family and friends to come and share their work. They also did some workshops to show exactly how they created their final pieces.
Don’t forget to check out the podcast section of the website where you can see the gallery and the children creating their final pieces.