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Maths Money Week 2015

During the week beginning the 23rd February 2015, the children at MOSPS learnt all about money during our Maths lessons. We  learnt all about the British banking system, all about different British coins and about the value of money.
On Wednesday, the whole school received a visit from Hayley and Laura, who work at the Nationwide Building Society in Lymington. They held a fantastic assembly for each year group and we were all really enthusiastic when taking on the challenges we were given.
During the week, we also learnt about loans and the best place to get them from is the bank and not loan sharks because they may threaten you and your family or even take your things. This can put people in danger and even more debt than they started with. Places like and Quick Quid are legal but not very good as they can also put you into huge debt and you might even need another loan to pay off your present ones.

We also had a guess as to what things cost from some simple biscuits to a house with a sea view. We did very badly and our guesses were miles off! We thought things were much more expensive than they actually were.

The younger children in the school have learnt to recognise all the different British coins and notes and are able to order them from smallest to largest value and vice versa. They have also been creating funny faces and patterns with the coins, as well as using their role play areas to act out visiting the shops or the bank.
The whole school has had a go at solving different problems involving money. We have worked out which coins we need to use to make certain amounts of money and we have used different budgets when solving shopping problems. Some children in Year 6 even went on a trip to Waitrose to solve some money challenges! 
The week has been a brilliant success as we now have a more secure understanding of the importance of money in our lives.
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