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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore

MOSPS Forest School

Introducing our Forest School

At Forest School we set children free to follow their curiosity.The natural resources in our beautiful Little Wood are used in imaginative games. In regular sessions, all year round, they learn through play and discovery; through teamwork and risk-taking.

At Forest School, your children are free to choose from a range of activities including den-building, lighting fires fires, exploring the environment, using tools and making art. Whatever they choose to do, they develop their social skills, resilience and perseverance and have FUN learning. 

What we like doing at Forest School

Picture 1 Sawing
Picture 2 Fire circle
Picture 3 Pond-dipping
Picture 4 Mud faces
Picture 5 Swinging
Picture 6 Whittling
Picture 7 Fire lighting
Picture 8 Little Wood in the snow
Picture 9 Cooking
Picture 10 Pond dipping
Picture 11 Weaving
Picture 12 Tree climbing
Picture 13 Den building
Picture 14 Playing in the mud kitchen
Picture 15 Bug hunting
Picture 16 Drying up after hot chocolate