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This half term we have been busy having fun with numbers, consolidating our numbers to 10 knowledge. We’ve been practising our accurate counting of lots of different things – counting dinosaurs and different animals proved very popular! We have been getting to know Numicon and have become really quick at recognising all of the different tiles by their colour. We have been finding different ways to make numbers within 10 and had lots of fun using the empty egg boxes to explore this with objects. This helped to really visualise how many…was it 5 and so many more, or could they see a group of 3 and a group of 4, leading to counting all to combine. We’ve worked a lot on the order of numbers within 10, using our dinosaur numbers outside and also played some missing number games too. Knowing the number order has really helped us to be able to say the number 1 more and 1 less than a number within 10. We are getting so much quicker at being able to say the number but also know where to check too. An important part of being a good learner!

We made an adding monster, which the children really enjoyed using to combine two different groups of objects. They fed into each ear on the side of his head, and reached into his tummy, through his mouth (watching out for some sharp teeth!) to find out how many he had eaten altogether. They thought this was very funny! We used a part-whole model to record how many were fed into each ear of the adding monster and of course the total eaten.