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On The Farm

It was very exciting today in a Year R as Farmer Tom has asked the Foxes and Badgers to look after some mystery eggs for him. We don’t know what they will hatch into yet but there have been various guesses from the children:- chicks, dinosaurs, cows, geese, ducks, rabbits, crocodiles and hard boiled eggs!!! It has promoted a lot of conversation so far as you can imagine!


The children watched with delight as tiny hair line cracks appeared on the shells and then slowly our first egg began to hatch....what was inside......5 wonderful ducklings!


The children had very gentle cuddles with the ducklings and showed such gentle care towards them. When they were a little bigger, we watched them take their first swimming lesson in our tray and we saw that they already knew how to swim and dive! On our last day with the ducklings, we took them out onto the field to explore the grass and watched them running up and down pecking at the grass and daisies!


We wrote fact books, drew and painted beautiful pictures and made cards for our ducklings - what a wonderful experience!


In maths we have been thinking about addition stories and used our farm small world to make up stories about the animals in different pens. We also enjoyed a great book called "Egg and Legs" which is all about counting in 2's.