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We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore

Polar Explorers January 2015

 This half term we have been Polar Explorers. Here are some of the things that we have been learning about 
I can write a sentence.
We have been learning the phoneme 'z'.
Our frozen ice palace role play area
We have been creating an arctic scene.
Do you like my snowman?
In P.E. we have been moving like arctic animals.
Look at me, I can balance!
We love creating things.
Can I help you put on your apron?
I am making a 3D shape monster
Shall we work together?
I have used cylinders for the arms and legs.
I can sort 3D shapes, these are cuboids.
We worked together to sort 3D shapes.
I can use a paint programme to write my name.
We are giving Bee Bots instructions.
I can use an interactive whiteboard pen.
We are programming Terry the Turtle.
Look at my brilliant threading.
We love to huddle like penguins.
 The penguin shuffle!
The Snowman dance - a perfect team.
I love dressing up and acting.
I have included lots of information in my book.
I enjoyed making repeating patterns.
Look at my pattern!
I think you'll like my pattern.
We love looking after the chickens.
Slow down! We're going too fast!
Exploring ice cubes.
Our base camp role play area.
 Look how many eggs the chickens have laid.
We love reading!
Time to rest at base camp.
We are reading in the dark with our torches.
We love to make icy music with instruments.
We are painting repeating patterns.
I can balance a bean bag on my foot.
I can find other ways to balance a bean bag.