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Rainforest Poetry

 As part of our topic on Rainforests, Yr 5/6 have been exploring these wonderful environments through poetic eyes and have produced some fantastic compositions in a range of different styles. Having cut their teeth on syllabic poetry, such as the Tanka and Cinquain, they were then asked to combine knowledge of the Rainforests gathered so far, with the learning of poetic features they had done in English, in one final poem. This time, the style content and method of presentation was entirely over to them and we are sure that you will be as pleased as we were with the results. A selection of scanned in poems can be viewed below.
A special mention has to go to Ben from class 9, for going that extra mile with his Rainforest poetry homework. Not only did he compose a fantastic poem, but he also created a short animation (using plasticine modelling and stop motion techniques) on the issue of deforestation. We were amazed at the size (small enough to fit in a shoe box) and detail of the models and bowled over by his poetry. Excellent stuff Ben, what a star learner you are.
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Picture 12 Logan - Class 10
Picture 13 Lucy - Class 10
Picture 14 George R - Class 10
Picture 15 Gabriel - Class 10
Picture 16 Belle - Class 10
Picture 17 Anna - Class 10