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We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


After Christmas everything changed and we went into our second lockdown! The Year R Teachers, Parents and Children pulled together into a brilliant team of superheroes - learning at home and school and facing the challenges together! The children at home had a little doorstep visit from the teachers who gave them their learning packs ready for the challenge of home learning!


The children voted for our topic to be Superheroes (very appropriate) and we designed our role plays into a hospital and a vets.

We then started a fantastic set of learning around the Supertato books by Sue Hendra! The evil pea needed catching and so we wrote wanted posters describing the pea and hung them up around the classroom. We also decided to design some traps to catch the evil pea over night. We wrote a persuasive sentence or caption to encourage the evil pea into our trap. Guess what!! We caught him in one of the traps! Well done Foxes and Badgers for saving the day!


We then went on to learn about real life superheroes and asked our Mums and Dads to record a short clip of what they do for their jobs and send it in via tapestry. The children were very proud to watch their parents and asked very good questions about all the different jobs.

In maths we did some fun estimating challenges with the sprouts who were trapped in a large jar! How many had the evil pea captured this time? We enjoyed learning about number bonds and also doubling - what a hard working bunch!