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Tri-Golf Tournament 2018

On Wednesday 18th September, we kicked off our inter-school competition calendar with a Tri-Golf Tournament, held at Priestlands School.

Three teams of golfers represented our school after huge interest from the pupils. The two Yr 3/4 teams competed as one in their competition and the Yr 5/6 team made use of all 7 players over the afternoon.

The competition got the children to apply their chipping and putting skills over none different 'holes', collecting points for accuracy and weight of shots at each one. At the end of the afternoon we were pleased to find out that both teams had placed in the top 3.

Our Yr 3/4 teams' combined score earned them 3rd place (and some bronze medals) and our Yr 5/6 team placed second, receiving silver medals.

We were very proud of how they listened to coaching tips and developed their skills over the afternoon and pleased that they now all want a Tri-Golf Club at Milford.... Watch this space!