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Week 1


***Please note that we have realised there was an error in our email addresses - oops! These have now been amended - check the bottom of the page for our correct ones. You may need to re-send any emails that you sent to us before Wednesday!***



Year 5/6 Home Learning – Week 1


Welcome to your first week of Home Learning! We are so proud of you for the resilience, independence and maturity that you’ve all shown over the past few days, and we just know that you will continue to be just as brilliant at home! We hope that you enjoy the challenges we’ve set you this week, and remember to check back at the beginning of next week for your next set.





This week, your challenge is to produce a piece of writing to impress your teacher – you choose the form of writing!

You could choose:

a poem,

dialogue between characters,

a story,

a letter,

a diary entry

or any other bright idea you may have!



To give you inspiration for your writing, you could visit, which is a website that gives a new, thought-provoking picture every day!


Alternatively, has lots of videos for inspiration and even some ideas to get you going!


If you would like your teacher to read your writing, feel free to email it to us on Fridays – but make sure you have your grown-ups’ permission first.



We know how much you've enjoyed studying Holes the past few weeks and it's a shame that we won't be able to continue with this! Did you know that there is a film? Why not try to find it on a streaming service or on DVD? Make sure to check with your grown-ups first, as it is a PG. Let us know what you think! This might even inspire you to write something too!



Please make sure you always have a book on the go that you are reading for enjoyment – remember to use your reading journals and diaries to record your reading. Miss Birch’s group – you can use the back of your Guided Reading book if you don’t have a reading journal! We will also be setting you reading tasks each week, similar to your old Guided Reading homework or tasks we might have done in class.


This week’s Guided Reading tasks are:


Mrs Woods’ group:
Finish reading Chapter 7 Stig Of The Dump and complete the comprehension tasks in the document below.


Miss Birch’s group:
Read from where we left off (page 210) to the end of Chapter 19 (page 244) of Frozen In Time. Write a letter as Rachel to Uncle Jerome,
highlighting her understanding, thoughts and fears about Freddie and Bess’s illnesses.


Miss Braye’s group:
Read chapter 8 of Long Way Home and complete the task on the document below.



We have also set each class up on Oxford Owl at, where you can access free e-books!

If you are in Class 9, use the following login:
Password: Class9


If you are in Class 10, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS10
Password: Class10


If you are in Class 11, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS11
Password: Class11




You have all been set a range of different tasks on My Maths. Don’t forget you can use the ‘Practice’ page first so you know what to do. It might be useful to have some paper for jottings.


You can also use Times Table Rockstars and to practise your skills.


Additionally, some of you have chosen to take home some of our antique textbooks! Although these may not be directly in line with the new Curriculum, most of the maths in them is still relevant today and will be great to keep your brains going!




We have attached a copy of the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling words for you to practise. Use all your strategies: rainbow writing, bubble writing, pyramids etc – these can also be found in a document below if you get stuck for ideas!

There will also be SPaG and Spelling tasks set for you on Education City.

You can also use to help you revise and practise the spelling conventions we use in class.





Your Geography challenge this week is to find out about the world’s tectonic plates and how they have changed over time. We have uploaded some bits below to get you going, but feel free to continue to research and present your findings in whichever way you wish!


Keep active! has some fantastic dance videos that you can join in with!


Joe Wicks will be doing PE at 9am every weekday morning through his YouTube channel – ask your grown up to help you find it… and encourage them to do it with you!


Remember that you can still go outside - and it's important that you do! Just make sure to check with your grown up first!



Extra challenges for this week



  1. Keep a journal! You are living through a period of history that is likely to be studied by children in the future… how amazing would it be to be able to share your first hand experiences with your grandchildren one day?!
  2. Help your grown-ups prepare dinner and wash up!
  3. Teach a family member a new maths skill!


Keeping in Touch


We want you to know that, even in these unusual circumstances, we are here for you and we want to keep updated on how you are doing and what you have been up to! If you would like to, you can email us on the addresses below, which we will check each week and try to reply to you. Remember – stay safe online and always check with your grown-ups before messaging.