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Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of Home Learning!


Around this time of year the school would usually be looking forward to holding their annual sports day. So this week’s topic web is all about sport!



**** If you are a Year 6 who is still working from home, please make sure to check the 'Year 6 Transition' star on the previous page as there is some important information about transition and some activities for you to complete! ****


Remember that you can send over any work or let us know how you’re getting on via our Gmail accounts. We will make sure to reply to you within the week!






This week, we would like to you to choose one of the following tasks to complete:


  • Watch the BBC’s trailer for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi – The Dreadful Menace - and write a story or a poem based upon it.
  • Research an athlete and write a biography about them. Could you choose a Paralympian or someone from another country or culture?
  • Imagine you are a sports commentator. Write a commentary of an event – this could be anything from a sport, to your pets! See the video below for inspiration. You could even film it too!


BBC Winter Olympics : The Dreadful Menace 


Olive & Mabel Episode 2 : Game of Bones 







This week, we would like you to complete the comprehension tasks in the files below. This may even help you with your research for your writing task!

Remember you can choose your challenge level: Mild, Spicy or Extra Hot.






Well done for those of you who have been doing your My Maths tasks each week.


This Week's My Maths:

All pupils have been set a range of different tasks on My Maths. Don’t forget that you can use the ‘Practice’ page first so you know what to do. It might be useful to have some paper for jottings.



In addition to the My Maths Tasks, please complete White Rose Daily Maths lessons. These include a video tutorial and a worksheet.



This week, Year 5 will be looking at percentages and decimals. Year 6's will be using algebraic equations. Remember, if this is too tricky, then you can access work from the previous year – it will do you good to recap the learning!! Year 4 this week is decimals, so this will give you a good grounding if you wanted to start on those first.



To access the White Rose videos, click on the link for the Year Group you would like: 



Click on the links below to find the worksheets that go with the lessons:




The BBC Bitesize lessons are also a good way to practise your skills. You can usually find extra lessons and activities for an area that you are struggling with, or if you’d just like more practise! 



This week’s HeartSmart lesson is all about looking after ourselves


Read through the powerpoint and complete as many of the tasks as you wish.




You will also find some new Music challenges from Mr Thomas in the files below too!


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Woods, Miss Birch and Miss Braye