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Week 2

Week 2
30th March – 3rd April 2020


Hi team! Welcome to Week 2 of Home Learning. We hope you are staying safe and having fun! Here are your challenges for the following few days.





This week, we would like you to write a character description. There is a document attached below to get your started. Remember you can email us your work if you’d like to!


Remember to carry on documenting your experiences in your journal - just imagine being able to share it with your family when you're older!





As always, make sure you are reading for enjoyment as well as completing your Guided Reading tasks! If you’ve read a book that you particularly enjoyed, why not email us a review?


Mrs Woods’ group:

Stig Group – read Chapter 8 and answer the questions in the document below.

Other groups – complete the comprehension task below


Miss Birch’s group:

Read from where we left off to the end of Chapter 22 of Frozen in Time (pages 245 – 276).  
Without reading on or peeking, make a prediction about what you think will happen in chapters 23 and 24. You can do this as creatively as you wish – some examples could be a mindmap, a flowchart, a comic strip or writing your own final chapter!


Miss Braye’s group:

Read chapter 9 of Long Way Home and predict the ending of the story. Write the last chapter based on your predictions!



On the Oxford Owl website, there is a whole range of comprehension tasks that you or your grown ups can access. If you find reading tricky, why not begin with the easier ones and work your way up?



If you are in Class 9, use the following login:
Password: Class9


If you are in Class 10, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS10
Password: Class10


If you are in Class 11, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS11
Password: Class11





We have set you another round of MyMaths tasks, and you can still use TopMarks, Times Table Rockstars and the antique textbooks to practise your skills.



In addition to this, White Rose Maths are hosting ‘maths parties’ at 10am daily, which are great fun and will continue teaching you the new maths skills that we would have been doing in school! You don’t have to do them at exactly 10am though – they are available any time. These would be great to share with your grownups – you might even teach them a thing or two! You can access them here:


We have also uploaded some ‘consolidation packs’ for you to have a go at. These aim to recap topics that we’ve covered in school since September. There are Year 4, 5 and 6 packs attached – you choose the challenge that is suitable for you.

There are also the first five ‘White Rose Problems of the Day’ attached, which are great fun! Miss Birch will aim to do one set per day and upload her solutions for you to check your answers against.




Continue practising the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling words. Use all your strategies: rainbow writing, bubble writing, pyramids etc.


We have also uploaded some word searches and crosswords which use the Year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling words. Once you’ve finished these, why not create your own?


There will also be SPaG and Spelling tasks set for you on Education City.

You can also use to help you revise and practise the spelling conventions we use in class.





Your challenge for this week, and throughout the Easter Holidays, is to research volcanoes!

Find out about the different types and how they are formed, draw your own ‘cross section’ and create a 3D model if you can. Why not use ‘junk modelling’ for this, and use items which might otherwise be thrown away?


If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even try creating an ‘eruption’ using a chemical reaction. You’ll need to research this, and make sure you check with your grown-up first!


Here are some links to get you started on your volcano research:



Keep Active


Joe Wicks will be continuing to host PE lessons online at 9am daily – keep encouraging your grown ups to join in with you!

Teach your family the rules to the game that you created with your team in PE a few weeks ago. Can you recreate it using only items you have around the house? (Make sure to ask first!)

Click on the link below to try out the School Games Family PE Challenge for this week - It is Fitness Monopoly and looks a lot of fun!



Extra Challenges this week



  1. Create a self-portrait. You could do this using any media you wish. Could you try collaging in the style we used for our volcanoes?
  2. Write a quiz to share with a friend. Ask your grown-ups if you can share it with them via email or social media!
  3. Create a time capsule and hide it somewhere for your future self to find. What do you think ‘sums up’ life in 2020 so far?


Keeping in Touch


Remember that you can contact us via email if you would like to! We have loved hearing from you so far and seeing what you’ve been up to, and we will continue to check our emails regularly and reply to you when we can. Remember – stay safe online and always check with your grown-ups before messaging.


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