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Week 5

Home Learning - Week 5!

20th - 25th April 2020


2020 ‘Year of the Tree’



This week our Home Learning takes a whole-school topic-web approach. This means that whatever year group you are in, you can work together on the same topic theme. We hope this will make things easier for families to work together on home learning.

Take a look at the topic web and select activities that you would like to do - either on your own, with your brother/sister, or together as a family.

We would love to see what you get up to as part of his week's 'Tree' topic, so don't forget to send photos of what you have done to your teacher's e-mail. Thanks to all the children who have already sent things through to us - we love seeing and hearing all about your lock-down experiences and Home Learning. Here's a reminder of the e-mail addresses for those who have yet to get in contact:

Miss Braye -

Miss Birch -

Mr Woods -

In addition to the topic-web work, your teachers have set you Maths and English work that is specific to your Year group / Class.

See the notes below the topic web.




This week, we have a Poetry challenge for you!


In the files below, you will find a pack based around ‘I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree’, which is a book full of nature poems.




Your task this week is to work through the activities in the pack. There are some that require you to work in pairs – if you are unable to do this, please don’t worry, just do what you can! If you need a paper copy of the pack printed, please ask your grown-up to email your teacher and we will arrange this for you.


Although we aren’t able to share the entire ‘I am the Seed’ book with you, all of the poems you need are included in the pack.


At the end of the week, we would like you to choose one of these writing tasks to complete:


- Write a tree-based poem, using the skills you’ve learnt from the pack.


- Imagine trees could talk! Write about the past few weeks from a tree’s point of view.


- Write a story imagining you have climbed a tree and found a community of tiny people (The Minpins by Roald Dahl may give you inspiration for this!)


We would absolutely love to read your final pieces, so please email them to us! We will choose some to upload to our ‘Hall of Fame’ on the website, so please let us know if you’d prefer not to have your work displayed.


In addition to this, you will find some new tasks set for you on Education City.


BBC Bitesize will also be starting their lessons this week! These are mostly Grammar based, so they would be great practise to keep your SPaG brains ticking. We will post the link here when we have it.






Well done to those of you who have been completing your MyMaths tasks – there have been some fantastic scores! If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure to complete them, starting with this week’s tasks.


We have uploaded the next two Consolidation Packs for you to work through, as well as the next five White Rose Problems of the Day.


There will also be videos and tasks available on the White Rose Maths website, as well as the BBC Bitesize website, the link for which we will share with you when we have it.





Mrs Woods’ Groups:


Stig Group – Read the end of the book, then choose and complete one of the tasks in the document at the bottom of this page.

Everyone else - choose a book that you have not read before at a suitable level for you. This could be an e-book – remember that you can use the Oxford Owl E-library! Read the first few pages to check that it will interest you, then read the first page to an adult and explain to them why you have chosen this book. 

Miss Birch’s Group:



Finish reading Frozen in Time.

Choose a task to complete as a personal response:

- Design your own front and back covers for the book, including a new blurb. Explain the choices you made for the front cover.

- Write an alternative ending for the story.

- Write a quiz about the story for another member of our group to complete. Don’t forget to include the answers – I may want to use your work for next year’s group! 😊

I’d love to know what you thought about the ending, so please make sure you email me your work!

Miss Braye’s Group:



Finish reading Long Way Home.
Write a personal reflection of the story. Did it end as you expected it to? Have you read any other books that are similar – if so, how are they similar and different? What message could you take from the book to apply to your own life?
You can present this however you wish.



Just a reminder of our Oxford Owl Logins:


If you are in Class 9, use the following login:
Password: Class9


If you are in Class 10, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS10
Password: Class10


If you are in Class 11, use the following login:
Username: MOSPSCLASS11
Password: Class11


Keep Active


Here are some ideas to keep you active inside:

Go Noodle -
PE with Joe Wicks -
Cosmic Kids Yoga -


Singing – Good for the Soul!

Remember you can sing along with our usual Singing Worship songs here:



Keep your HeartSmart

There are lots more activities to take part in with Boris. Click here to find them!



I Am The Seed - Activity Pack