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World Book Day Celebrations 2019

World Book Day Celebrations 2019


This year, World Book Day, fell on the same week as World Wildlife Day, so we decided to give our celebrations a 'wild' theme. All our pupils and staff were asked to think about stories with animals in them and to be ready to 'share their favourite' on the day. Our costumes were also animal characters, so our assembly this morning was a little on the wild side, with rabbits, tigers, lions, bears, crocodiles, wolves, the odd cat in the hat and even a shark in attendance.

During the assembly, the children listened and joined in as Miss Birch shared her favourite animal story: The Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business, before giving a rendition of 'Baby Shark', as Mr Dear danced out at the front. It was a perfect start to a brilliant bookish end to the week!


The rest of the day was filled with World Book Day Maths lessons, World Book Day English lessons, Book Quizzes and, of course, our annual 'Share a Story' session, where children from across the school swap classes to share a special story with a new friend - check out some of the pictures below.
With 'A book at bedtime' and 'Animal stories' the theme of the day, the costumes were fantastic. Thank you to everyone for throwing themselves into the spirit of the day and thank you to everyone who donated something to our World Book Day fund. This year, we will be purchasing some more English-Nepali books to send out to our Sister School in Kushadevi.