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Year 3/4 Quicksticks Hockey tournament

We sent a Yr 3  and a Yr 4 team to represent the school at this year's Quicksticks Hockey Tournamnent and we could not be more proud of the way they played as a team and supported each other over the afternoon.

Raffy's dad kindly took charge of the Yr 4 team to allow Mrs Robinson to work with the younger players and it is clear that their touchline coaching and team management really paid off.

After a rocky start against Lymington (who went on to win the tournament) the Year 4 team went from strength to strength. They worked as a team and honed their skills and tactics and were unbeaten for the rest of the afternoon. Their efforts earned them 4th place - a ranking they should feel really proud of earning.

The Year 3 team also had a successful afternoon and it was lovely to hear Mrs Robinson talk of their confidence and skill-set growing with each match. Sportsmanship is always one of our pupils' strong points and again our younger pupils led by example and played the tournament in just the right spirit. At close of play they had notched up enough wins to come top of the Yr 3 tier of competition and came back proudly sporting medals for their efforts. Well done to everyone involved, but a particularly big thank you to Mrs Robinson & Raffy's dad for their work with the children.