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Year 5-6 Rounders Competition

Year 5-6 Rounders Competition


This year’s inter-school competitive sport season was wrapped up this week with the Year 5/6 Rounders competition.

Although one school had to drop out at the last minute, the reduced field did not dampen the enthusiasm of our two teams of ten who set off, rounders bats in hand.

Mrs Rand said that she could not have been more proud of our pupils, adding “They faced two VERY competitive teams and their resilience, positivity and sportsmanship in the face of some questionable behaviour from the opposition was really something to be celebrated.”

After the afternoon’s innings were completed and rounders tallied, our teams placed 3rd and 4th. Mrs Rand said “Although we didn’t come first in the competition, all of the pupils who represented our school so well were winners in my eyes!”

A huge well done to everyone who took part and played in the true spirit of our WE CARE values! To end on such a sportsmanship ‘high’ is the perfect way to sign off this season’s competition.

Thank you to all the parents who transported and supported the teams on the day, and of course to Mrs Rand coordinating and managing the teams.