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Year 5 and 6 Rainforest Printing

Block Printing

In Geography, Year 5/6 have been learning all about deforestation in the rainforest and how deforestation affects plants, animals and indigenous people all over the world.

We have been designing and creating posters to encourage people to save the rainforests by choosing more sustainable products and by supporting charities such as the Rainforest Alliance. To create our posters we looked at different logos and decided that we needed simple but effective shapes for our own designs. We also thought about slogans and how we can effectively persuade people using words and images.

We started designing our logos by looking at different photographs of plants, animals and flowers found in the rainforest. We picked out different shapes and had a go at sketching some of our own.

After that, we started to create our printing blocks.

We used different materials such as card board, corrugated cardboard, glue, sponge and string in order to create block prints. This was very messy but we soon realised that the more glue we used, the better our print would hold together!

Next, we started to print our designs. We had to squeeze out a little ink, roll it out using a print roller, then carefully roll the ink onto our block. Finally, we turned over our block and pressed it onto our paper. We used a clean roller to press really hard to make sure that our design would print clearly. Some people used more than one colour in their design.

The final stage will be using ICT to create the remaining elements to our poster, along with our slogans.
Have a look at some of our print designs below…