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Yr 3-4 Hockey Competition - 9th February

Fun For All At the Quicksticks Competition

Our sporting competition this week was the second hockey event of the term and featured our Yr 3-4 pupils. Armed with their ‘Quicksticks’, mouth guards and shin pads and smiles, they set off with Mrs Rand for the new astro-turf pitches at Priestlands.

With five other schools attending the event and a schedule that saw each school playing each other twice, there was no shortage of hockey over the afternoon. The games were 8 minutes long with no half time so Mrs Rand was once again queen of the rolling subs, making sure that all players got equal time out on the pitch. The referees were applying the strict ‘Quicksticks’ rulings, picking the children up for footwork, or using the wrong side of the stick to control the ball, and whilst this affected the flow of the games, it did nothing to dampen the children’s enjoyment of the competition. All the players really loved having the chance to play as a team and compete against other schools.

Mrs Rand has reported back that the games were all close affairs with rarely more than a single goal between the teams. Unfortunately team MOSPS did not manage to notch up many victories, but they played brilliantly and put 100% into each game. Everyone can feel very proud of their performances over the afternoon, but a special mention should go to Jasper and to Marissa, who were awarded ‘Respect’ wristbands from the staff at Priestlands.

Thanks to Mrs Rand and to Ms Humphrey for managing and supporting the players throughout the event and to all the other parents who helped with transport on the day.

Next week it is a chance for some of our Table Tennis Club players to compete.