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Yr 4 Boys' Football Tournament

Yr 4 Boys' Football Team 2017-18

On the 30th of January 2018 we set off to Arnewood School to play a football tournament. We were very excited. Before we got there, we played a little bit of footy on the field. It got our hearts beating. After that, we came inside to fetch our belongings. Eventually, we managed to make it to the office. Then we got into whichever car we were going in. Quite quickly, we got there and then the nerves started to kick in. As soon as we got there, we saw some good teams and some beatable teams.

Before our first match, we did a practice. Marly was training Elliot Whisker for the match. After training we went into our first match.

                      Match time!     

The first game was pretty easy – we were on an attacking game we won 0-3 nil to us I will remember Albie’s wonder goal and George sneaked one in and Ryan Cross passed one into the bottom corner. We played well.

                 2nd match…                  

We were feeling confident because of our win more like a massive win. On to our next game, we were feeling a bit nervy. We started off with no good attacks. We were getting a lot of throw-ins. When Ryan Cross took a long throw to Ryan Scott and he passed it to George Park skilled up 2 players and absolutely smashed it at the keeper as the shot was too powerful for the keeper and went in the top corner we celebrated our heads off!!!

3rd match

We were feeling a stronger team. We thought we were going to win 0-2 but that was just a bet. We were struggling to find a decent attack. Will Stockwell missed a blinder. Out of the gloom, Ryan Scott took a long through to George Park who skilled about 4 players and then slotted it in the bottom corner. We were all feeling exhilarated at the last second they had a dangerous counter attack. They were playing one touch football until there striker missed an open goal. Which means the score ended 0-1 to us!

4th match

The other team looked very hard. For the first 20 seconds, in the click of a finger, they were attacking us like mad. As we got used to it we put a few attacks on so the game was levelling out slowly. George Park tried to dribble pass someone but they put their foot out in front of him so he tripped up and twisted his ankle. Mathew got passed the ball and he dribbled past a slow person and placed it in the top corner. I was feeling ecstatic. That game the score ended 1-0 once again.  

 5th match

Before the match MR COMPTON told us we were in the top division. We were feeling great. We were feeling nervous because we were playing the big boys. We had to play well! Luckily, we played okay and they had a great attack and they smashed it bottom corner. They were one nil up luckily George Park redeemed us by scoring top corner. Which made the score end 1-1.

6th match

We weren’t feeling good at that moment. And we were playing Saint Luke’s school and they had a great player. As soon as the ball was played from the centre spot, they put a dangerous attack on. As things were getting worse, the opposition had free-kick. Elliot couldn’t keep it out. Our chances of getting a medal were gone but coming 5th out of 21 teams was a great team effort.


By Marly Hamber and George Park