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Yr 5-6 Gymnastics Competition - 10th November

Yr 5-6 Gymnasts Spring into Action!

This week, it was the turn of our Yr 5-6 Gymnastics team to head out to Priestlands for their afternoon of springing, vaulting, tumbling and balancing, and they were full of excitement as they set off.

Just like the Yr 3-4 event last week, the afternoon was split between competition and coaching: providing teams of competitors with the chance to perform two routines to music before being coached by staff and young Sports Leaders on the Air track, trampolines and vaulting horse.

Prior to the event, Mrs Cummings worked with the team of six on two routines and it was great to see how enthusiastic everyone was to put time and effort into rehearsing. The gym mats have never been in so many different rooms before, as finding space for rehearsals was often quite a challenge. By the day of the event, everyone was keen to put their hard work in front of the panel of judges.

Everyone had an amazing time performing their routines and then having a go on the trampoline, vault and Air Track. Mrs Cummings and Mrs Rand were really impressed with the way that all six of our gymnasts performed across the afternoon. They reported that the routines went very well and that they thoroughly enjoyed the gym equipment and coaching from the Young Sports Leaders.

In the competitive part of the event, one routine was marked on rhythm and synchronised movement, while the other was marked on the sequencing of key skills of tension, extension, control and creative travel.(They scored top marks on that one!) However, there was no medal ceremony at the end of the event again this week as one school, who couldn’t attend in person, has until Friday to submit a video of their routines. We will let you know the results as soon as we get them, but we can now report that our Yr 3-4 Gymnasts came third in their event last week. Well done to them, and well done to this week’s athletes, who represented the school so brilliantly.

Huge thanks to all our pupils for their effort and attitude on the day and of course to Mrs Cummings, for her training, Mrs Rand for managing the team, and for all the parents who helped with transport.

Next up is a non-competitive afternoon of Gymnastics fun for KS1.