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Yr 5/6 Hockey Tournament

Fun The Order Of The Day At Preiestlands Hockey Tournament


The first sports event of the New Year gave the Year 5/6 pupils a chance to put their recent hockey skills (it was a unit of work in Games last term) into practice. Last Wednesday saw enough of a break in storm Brendan’s fury for the Priestlands Upper Junior Hockey tournament to go ahead. We sent two teams to the event and Mrs Robinson was really struck by the positivity and enthusiasm of the group. The afternoon was cold and windy, but that didn’t affect their enjoyment of the competition one bit.

Lots of great hockey was played in these challenging conditions and all the players showed great skills, determination and teamwork. Both George and Alex scored super goals and there were plenty of great saves made in our goals too, keeping the matches exciting for the spectators.

Although neither team posted many wins, or goals, for that matter, it didn’t dampen their spirit and everyone was smiling, laughing and having fun all afternoon.

We are really proud of how our players performed and the spirit in which they played.

Thanks to Mrs Robinson for braving the cold too and encouraging from the side lines and to all the parents who stayed and supported, especially Mrs Bence!