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Yr 5/6 Netball Friendlies Against South Baddesley


Another Pair of Wins for Milford Netball team

On Monday 3rd of February 2020 the Mills and Fords (Milford’s netball team) went up against South Baddesley and came home with two amazing wins. They were good competition and played a fair game and we all had a great time, even though it was pouring down with rain.


On the 3rd of February, the Mills managed to score 5 - 3 to us. In our first quarter we managed to score 2 amazing goals and we were always trying to get the ball into the D. Becky and Liam (goal shoot and goal attack) were always taking the chance to score. Sam and Hettie were doing an amazing job in centre third as they were defending some great passes from South Baddesley. Goal keeper (Leah) was always standing over goal shoot from the other team to make it harder for them to score this was one of our main tactics.  Our game was a really tough one as the other team had some really good players who were always dodging the ball out of our way. Before the match, we were watching the other team play and realised that they weren’t spacing out. This then helped us create another tactic. As we got into the game the team started to communicate more and give our other team mates advice.


This week the Fords played against South Baddesley and we won 12 – 11. It was a tough game as they were good competition but our team pulled through and won by one goal. It was a tense competition but in the last few minutes our awesome two shooters Lizzie  as goal shoot and Milla as goal attack were able to score. But obviously our win came down to the whole team. Our fabulous goalkeepers were Georgie  and Anna. Our amazing centre was Felix Roebuck, our incredible wing attack was Jasmine, our marvellous wing defence Poppy Dunn and our wonderful goal defence was Jenson. At the beginning we were down 2 - 5 to South Baddesley but were not going to lose hope. We played our best and won with a great 12 – 11. They had  good sportsmanship and congratulated us for our win and we did the same back as they had played so well.J