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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust


Pupil Premium

The pupil premium provides funding to improve the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as those from less deprived families. MOSPS are committed to ensuring that these children achieve the very best attainment and progress, inline with their peers.

Our strategy document (below) details:

  • how much pupil premium funding we received for this academic year
  • the main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in our school face
  • how we will spend the pupil premium funding to overcome these barriers
  • how we will measure the effect of the pupil premium


Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2017-2018

The strategy will be reviewed within the termly Pupil Progress meetings that will take place on the following dates:


  • Wednesday 7th March 2018

  • Monday 4th June 2018

  • Monday 9th July 2018

  • Wednesday 23rd July 2018

What is the Pupil Premium?