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Acorn Project

Acorn Project Week 1


Our visit to Oakhaven on Tuesday was amazing! As soon as we got there we met some of the lovely patients in the hospice. We all introduced ourselves and had a lovely chat with the people. Jane,who is in charge of the Acorn Project, gave us a tour round the grounds and showed us some of the rooms .We also had a look at some of the stuff nurses use to keep their hands clean. It was very interesting how much bacteria we had on our hands and after we washed them the bacteria had cleared up.

After we had done the tour we had moved on to art . The first art activity we did was to draw on fabric pencil cases. We drew two lovely horses and we were very happy with them. Then we sketched  ourselves waving off the Titanic.

To finish off our day, we went back into the lounge where everyone was sitting to have some very delicious cake and a refreshing drink. We loved it so much!




Acorn Project Week 2

On our second week at Oakhaven, we had a lovely time. We got dropped off and we went to sit on the emotion carpet while we were given our badges. Jane (who organised it all) introduced us to some new patients that we got to know. 

After that, we went to discuss why they were at Oakhaven and what they had donated in memory of their loved ones. Next we all split into half - six of us in each group. One group went on a tour of Oakhaven gardens and the other half went to do their fabric pencil cases and decorate a Titanic poster. Then we switched.

Once we’d completed all our tasks we went back to sit on the emotion carpet. We then decided the order and shared our memory boxes that we made and had filled with items from our houses as if we were one of the passengers on the titanic.

Next week w will continue sharing our boxes.

Afterwards we had cakes and carrots. Then we packed up, gave our badges back and went home. So far we have had a smashing time, we would fully recommend it.


Acorn Project Week 3: 

On Tuesday 3rd of October, it was our last week of doing the Acorn project, which was very sad for us all as we have made new friends and learnt lots of things about Oakhaven hospice and palliative care. 

Our topic was the Titanic which we absolutely adored, Oakhaven’s artist, Anne, drew the Titanic on a large piece of fabric and we also helped out and drew ourselves waving goodbye as the vessel set sail on its journey. We were asked to dress up as a passenger on board. Even the staff and volunteers dressed up which was so cool because they looked so posh! The head of the Acorn Project (Jane) dressed up as Florence Nightingale! At the end, when it was almost time to go back to school, the parents arrived and we sang lots of sea shanties that we had practised the previous day. It was so amazing that they knew most of the songs.


On our last week we did a mini sports day and it was so funny because the sacks were tiny, that made a great sports day! We also had these tea-bag-sized bean bags which were so hard to keep on your head so most people slotted the bean bag in their hair or if you were Mark (a patient at Oakhaven) you put it on the peak of your cap.


Every week the volunteers and staff were very  kind! Especially at the end of each week they would give us cupcakes and a choice of squash, but this time we got ice lollies!  Jane split us into 2’s and we went over to one of the patients. We had a nice chat and got to know each other very well. After that they very kindly gave us goodie bags full of stationary and treats! We even got a certificate and  a windmill to put in our garden.


We had such a lovely experience meeting people and learning about the Titanic. We are all ever so grateful that we got in because there were only 12 places. Thank You so so so much for letting us go there!