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Welcome to Year 3/4!

As we go through the year, we will update this page with new links so that you can keep up to date with all we are doing. we have some exciting topics to study and lots of opportunities to broaden and enrich our learning.

Take a look and see what we have been up to......

2020-2021 Pages

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2019-2020 Pages

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Please watch our transition presentations for September 2020 which include important information to aid a successful start to term for you and your child. 


Moving to Y4 Presentation:

Moving to Y5 Presentation:


White Rose Maths Home Learning

Use the link below to get to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Page.

Here you will find Home Learning lessons (by Year Group) which have video tutorials and downloadable follow=up activities (and answers)/

Your child will be familiar with the layout of the activities and style of questioning, as we use the White Rose Curriculum at school.

The lessons will be updated each week and archived so you can do them when you want. They are well worth doing!


Pobble 365 Picture Of The Day Writing Tasks


Another good bit of home learning is the Writing Stimulus produced by Pobble365.

Every day they put up a new picture, together with a range of writing tasks, from story writing to sentence work.

Click on the link below to take a look at today's picture.



Young Vets Club Home Learning Ideas

Our friends at Young Vets Club have started setting Challenges for you to try whilst you are learning from home. You can even upload your work and you might feature on their Challenge Leaderboard! 

2018-2019 Pages

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