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Home Learning Gallery

Year 3/4 Home Learning Gallery


Check out some of the fabulous Home Learning your classmates have been doing below.


Don't forget to email one of the Year 3/4 teachers if you have something to add to the gallery! 

Picture 1 Calum's Anglo-Saxon house
Picture 2 Calum's Anglo-Saxon house
Picture 3 Calum's Anglo-Saxon house
Picture 4 Ella's Anglo-Saxon Jewellery
Picture 5 Ella's Book Review of Journey to Jo'burg
Picture 6 Ella's Daffodil
Picture 7 Ella's Plants Explanation Text
Picture 8 Evie's fantastic Plant Fact File 1
Picture 9 Evie's fantastic Plant Fact File 2
Picture 10 Evie's fantastic Plant Fact File 3
Picture 11 Evie's fantastic Plant Fact File 4
Picture 12 Evie's fantastic Plant Fact File 5
Picture 13 Toby's Anglo Saxon Art
Picture 14 Thea's Anglo Saxon Village
Picture 15 Thea's Anglo Saxon Village Burial Ground
Picture 16 Thea's Anglo Saxon Timeline
Picture 17 Thea's Life Cycle of a Plant
Picture 18 Easter Baking
Picture 19 Easter Basket
Picture 20 Portraits
Picture 21 Skeleton Making
Picture 22 Plants
Picture 23 Anglo-Saxon Fact File
Picture 24 Anglo-Saxon Fact File
Picture 25 Toby's Hot Cross Cupcakes
Picture 26 Kayla with her Easter poem
Picture 27 Kaylas' eggs-ellent Easter poem
Picture 28 Hamish - doing his home learning
Picture 29 Hamish - doing his home learning
Picture 30 Hamish making an Anglo Saxon house.
Picture 31 The finished product
Picture 32 Hamish & Ivy getting active at home
Picture 33 Stonehenge scale model by Hamish
Picture 34
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38 Isabella's Baking
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41 Isabella's Maths Work
Picture 42 Spotted by Violet at Milford Beach!
Picture 43 Spotted by Violet at Milford Beach!
Picture 44 Daily walk surprise visitor
Picture 45
Picture 46
Picture 47 An impressive bug hotel
Picture 48 Boat construction
Picture 49 Delicious Fish Pie
Picture 50 Elsie's Tree Poem
Picture 51 Elliott's Portrait
Picture 52 Rudy's Skeleton Labelling
Picture 53 Rudy's Anglo Saxon Village
Picture 54 Millie's Poe-tree
Picture 55 George's skeleton labelling
Picture 56 Staying fit and healthy
Picture 57 showing support for our fantastic health workers
Picture 58 George's art work 1
Picture 59 George's art work 2
Picture 60 George's art work 3
Picture 61 Rugby training
Picture 62
Picture 63
Picture 64 More of George's home learning
Picture 65 George's Anglo Saxon house
Picture 66 A letter from Frances
Picture 67 Frances's Global work - Antarctica
Picture 68 Frances - Self Portrait
Picture 69 Frances's global work - a map of the world
Picture 70 Frances's global work - Fraser Island
Picture 71 Frances's volcano home learning 1
Picture 72 Frances's volcano home learning 2
Picture 73 Frances's volcano home learning 3
Picture 74 Frances's global work - Botswana
Picture 75 Frances's global work - France
Picture 76 Frances's global work - Italy
Picture 77 A book recommendation from Frances
Picture 78 Rafe's tree-mendous poem
Picture 79 Check out the torture techniques! Thanks Millie B
Picture 80 Millie B's History artwork
Picture 81
Picture 82
Picture 83 Spelling-tastic from Millie
Picture 84 Tree-riffic Tree
Picture 85 Max's Bat House
Picture 86 Frances's Journey to Jo'burg review 1
Picture 87 Frances's Journey to Jo'burg review 2
Picture 88 Earth Day creative artwork from Frances
Picture 89 Photographing patterns on the outside
Picture 90 Photographing patterns on the inside
Picture 91 Hanging around, having fun
Picture 92 A tree-riffic rhyming poem!
Picture 93
Picture 94
Picture 95
Picture 96 Rudy's Maths Work
Picture 97 Isaac's Anglo Saxon Village
Picture 98
Picture 99
Picture 100
Picture 101 Maisie's Bark Art
Picture 102 Luke's Tree of Life
Picture 103 Luke's Tree Flag Designs
Picture 104 Making Tacos by hand - sticky stuff!
Picture 105 Hamish's Mexican Menu
Picture 106 Burritos taste better when you've made them!
Picture 107 Yummy Churros and chocolate sauce - all homemade!
Picture 108 Ellie's Earth Heart with dolphins and hedgehogs
Picture 109 Tree poems, presented beautifully!
Picture 110 "Every day is a gymnastics day!
Picture 111 Handstands & Rainbows - amazing!
Picture 112
Picture 113 Steven's been designing rollercoasters
Picture 114 Tree of Life
Picture 115 Fancy Dress Friday for Joe Wicks Workout
Picture 116 Flo's Monster inspired by Billy and the Minpins.
Picture 117 Rafe's Mexican Menu
Picture 118 Enjoying Aztec Soup
Picture 119 Mexican Fact File 1
Picture 120 Mexican Fact File 2
Picture 121 My model of Chichen Itza
Picture 122 A close-up
Picture 123 The real Chichen Itza in Mexico.
Picture 124 Kit in the Kitchen - looks very chocolatey!
Picture 125 Check out the artwork!
Picture 126 My Plant Life Cycle Fact File.
Picture 127 Ollie baking up a treat.
Picture 128 Home Learning - but is the dog concentrating?
Picture 129 Morning work-outs with Joe Wicks
Picture 130 Learning all about my skeleton
Picture 131 Hi everyone!
Picture 132 More of Liam's Home Learning
Picture 133 Liam's Book review
Picture 134 Liam's Silver Birch tree
Picture 135 Liam's Silver Birch project
Picture 136 Mylo's Maths
Picture 137 Charlie is making a volcano.
Picture 138 Can you tell which country Liam chose to study?
Picture 139 What about now?
Picture 140 Have you cracked it yet?
Picture 141 Now?
Picture 142 You must have guessed by now!
Picture 143 It has to be.....
Picture 144 Italy!!
Picture 145 Fraya's weekend in Capetown
Picture 146 George found a slow worm
Picture 147 George's new pet stick insect - Newbie
Picture 148 Greece was George's choice of country
Picture 149 George's Greek menu
Picture 150 Chef George
Picture 151 Halloumi - perfectly grilled
Picture 152 Greek feast 1
Picture 153 Greek feast 2
Picture 154 George's Greek feast
Picture 155 Evie's Home Learning - Fraction & Decimals
Picture 156 Evie's tomatoes and sunflowers
Picture 157 Hamish's cat wants to join in Home Learning
Picture 158 Finding out about the Day of the Dead
Picture 159 I hope you get to go, Hamish.
Picture 160 Hamish & his Day of the Dead mask.
Picture 161 Bruno's History
Picture 162 Bruno's Artwork
Picture 163 Bruno's Writing
Picture 164
Picture 165 Daniel made a surprise breakfast for Mum and Dad
Picture 166 Daniel making pizza
Picture 167 Teaching Dad to dance
Picture 168 Teaching Dad to dance
Picture 169 Amazing Australia
Picture 170
Picture 171
Picture 172 Luke's Eco-Travel Plan
Picture 173
Picture 174
Picture 175
Picture 176
Picture 177 Luke's Egyptian Party
Picture 178
Picture 179
Picture 180 Maci's Family Tree
Picture 181
Picture 182
Picture 183
Picture 184 Maci's Sunflowers are doing well
Picture 185 Masiy H's Maths
Picture 186 Maisy H's History
Picture 187 Max's Turkish Party
Picture 188
Picture 189 Roan's Art
Picture 190 Roan made a blanket for his dog
Picture 191 Roan's Global Citizen Learning
Picture 192 Grandma came to the party
Picture 193 Steven's Artwork
Picture 194
Picture 195 Yum!
Picture 196 Inviting Grandma to a virtual party
Picture 197 Violet's being researching France this week
Picture 198 Charlie, busy making his Mount Tiede volcano
Picture 199 The finished article - full of brilliant detail.
Picture 200 What a lovely project. Well done!
Picture 201 Joe's eagle drawing.
Picture 202 Joe's pretzels ready for baking
Picture 203 Ready baked pretzels - looking delicious
Picture 204 Joe's Germany research
Picture 205 Joe's Einstein research
Picture 206 Joe's Germany Quiz
Picture 207 Joe's Germany project work
Picture 208 Joe teaching Poppy to skateboard
Picture 209
Picture 210 Mack's Aussie BBQ in the sunshine!
Picture 211 Head chef Mack!
Picture 212 Getting arty with the Australian flag.
Picture 213 Artwork completed - good job!
Picture 214 Mack completing a 3D model of Ayres Rock
Picture 215 Mack's Australia project.
Picture 216 Mack's Aussie sunset.
Picture 217 The finished Ayres Rock (Uluru) model - brilliant.
Picture 218 Mack is now cycling up to 10 miles to keep fit!
Picture 219 Mack's Aussie flag.
Picture 220 The Waters family chose Mexico to study
Picture 221 Project Mexico!
Picture 222 Day of the Dead masks
Picture 223 Mexican shakers
Picture 224 Cooking Mexican chocolate Meringues - yum!
Picture 225 More cooking
Picture 226 Mexican Night - looks like fun!
Picture 227 More Home Learning
Picture 228 Kit and his brother on a Tree Safari...
Picture 229 They found this amazing heart-shaped tree!
Picture 230 Flo's Brazilian Menu
Picture 231 Preparing the meal and dressed to impress!
Picture 232 Cocktails - carnival style!
Picture 233 Flo's Brazilian meal -fab stuff!
Picture 234 Alice's Chinese Dinner
Picture 235 Alice's Chengdu Panda Base Model
Picture 236 Toby's Spanish Dinner
Picture 237 Toby's Inca Temple
Picture 238 Isaac's Quiz of America
Picture 239 Flossie's VE Day Flag
Picture 240 Pippa's Germany topic
Picture 241 Pippa's Global Topic
Picture 242 Pippa's German Dinner
Picture 243 Pippa's Anglo-Saxon Learning
Picture 244 Maci chose to find out about Japan
Picture 245 Maci's Factfile
Picture 246 Japanese Language
Picture 247 Maci comparing GB and Japan
Picture 248
Picture 249 Elsie's VE Day Bunting
Picture 250 Thea's WW2 Box
Picture 251 Oscar's VE Day Postcard
Picture 252
Picture 253
Picture 254 Beautiful collage for Mum
Picture 255 Coach Brown will be pleased!
Picture 256 Ava's Design
Picture 257
Picture 258 Ava's Historical Creation
Picture 259 Zara busy making a Pakistani meal
Picture 260 Zara exploring henna tattoos
Picture 261 The Pakistan flag
Picture 262 About to settle down to a real feast
Picture 263 Zara's delicious Pakistani meal
Picture 264 Message from Frances
Picture 265 Mack's Message
Picture 266 Hamish's Message
Picture 267 Flo's message
Picture 268 Eva's message
Picture 269 Millie's VE Day bunting
Picture 270 Millie's message
Picture 271 George's message
Picture 272 Harry's fab bird box
Picture 273 Harry's message
Picture 274 Harry's support for Key Workers
Picture 275 Rafe's recycled cushion project
Picture 276 Rafe - hand-sewing his cushion
Picture 277 VE Day decorations
Picture 278 Charlie doing his Ration-style cooking
Picture 279 Charlie's Ration Cooking Bread Pudding
Picture 280 Charlie's recipe for wartine bread pudding
Picture 281 Minnie's message to us all
Picture 282 Max's Message
Picture 283 Mack has been building this at home.
Picture 284 Hard work and focus = result! Nice one Mack!
Picture 285 Mack baked the staff a VE Day parcel of yumminess.
Picture 286 Miss Crawford loved the scones...
Picture 287 So did Miss Walton...
Picture 288 Mr Willis loved the cake...and the scones!
Picture 289
Picture 290
Picture 291
Picture 292
Picture 293
Picture 294
Picture 295
Picture 296
Picture 297
Picture 298
Picture 299
Picture 300
Picture 301
Picture 302
Picture 303
Picture 304
Picture 305
Picture 306
Picture 307
Picture 308
Picture 309 Rafe's VE Day anniversary model in clay
Picture 310 Well done Rafe - brilliant!
Picture 311 Rafe's Chicen Itza model - painted.
Picture 312 Ready for a VE Day House Party
Picture 313
Picture 314 Hamish making scones for his VE Day party.
Picture 315 Hamish's research on the end of WWII.
Picture 316 Evie's 2.6 challenge - to run for 26 min every day
Picture 317 Visiting the War Memorial
Picture 318 Visiting the pill box
Picture 319
Picture 320 Wow!
Picture 321 Yum!
Picture 322 Party time!
Picture 323
Picture 324 Luke's VE Day street party
Picture 325 Ration Cooking
Picture 326
Picture 327 Make do and mend t shirt into a cushion
Picture 328
Picture 329
Picture 330 Max's Tree project
Picture 331 Hard at work -together!
Picture 332 Have sunshine, will cycle!
Picture 333 Home Learning....done!
Picture 334 VE Day Anniversary celebrations
Picture 335 Experimental construction work.
Picture 336 Homemade hot cross buns - yum!
Picture 337 Eva's oil painting of a peacock.
Picture 338 A scene from Eva's bike ride.
Picture 339 Concentrating on cooking cupcakes.
Picture 340 Its squash your brother time!
Picture 341 Eva's anime style penguins
Picture 342 Eva's Easter biscuits - yum!
Picture 343 Calum building a car!
Picture 344 Herbie's cool car - The Superflame
Picture 345
Picture 346
Picture 347 Herbie's design and finished model
Picture 348 Sketching the Titanic
Picture 349 Rafe's finished model
Picture 350 Rafe's boat design - fit for Bond!
Picture 351 George hard at work
Picture 352 Is that a self portrait, or Yoda?
Picture 353 What a cake!
Picture 354 Heart-shaped scones for VE Day
Picture 355 George's carrots are now growing nicely!
Picture 356 George found this stag beetle in his garden
Picture 357 George's bee rescue!
Picture 358 Busy in the kitchen
Picture 359 Fresh juice - very healthy!
Picture 360 Cinnamon buns - yum, yum!
Picture 361 Millie's homemade feeder being used
Picture 362 Max's VE Day model.
Picture 363 What a lot of Lego bricks!
Picture 364
Picture 365 Amazing job Max, well done!
Picture 366 Samuel's Transport Learning
Picture 367 Samuel's Dream Car Design
Picture 368 Samuel's A-Z of cars
Picture 369 Amelie's bunting on display - amazing!
Picture 370 More Ve Day decorations
Picture 371 Amelie has also learned how to plait hair !
Picture 372 Amelie's bunting - she made enough for 6 houses!
Picture 373 At the War Memorial
Picture 374 Check out the baking superstar!
Picture 375 Cream Tea Waters-style... yes please
Picture 376 Frances's research from the war Memorial trip 1
Picture 377 Frances's research from the war Memorial trip 2
Picture 378 Frances's research from the war Memorial trip 3
Picture 379 Party Time invitations
Picture 380
Picture 381 Bunting made by Frances & Amelie
Picture 382 House decorated - cool!
Picture 383 It's Party Time!
Picture 384 Designing planes
Picture 385 Which one will win?
Picture 386 Experiment write up from Frances
Picture 387 Parachute experiment 1
Picture 388 Parachute experiment 2
Picture 389 Parachute experiment 3
Picture 390 Parachute experiment 4
Picture 391 More Home Learning from Frances
Picture 392
Picture 393 And more Home Learning from Frances
Picture 394 Harry's Supercar
Picture 395 Harry with his winning plane- 15 ft in flight!
Picture 396 Flo's trip round the world using no fuel
Picture 397 Max's Belgium project
Picture 398
Picture 399 Kayla with her self-propelled boat
Picture 400 Kayla's Eco journey to Australia
Picture 401
Picture 402 Violet's amazing rocket!
Picture 403 Max's car design
Picture 404 Kit's VE Day Anniversary message
Picture 405 Kit's VE Day research
Picture 406 Kit's Stay at home VE Day party
Picture 407 The brothers coooooool!
Picture 408 Kit's Home Learning from this week 1
Picture 409 Kit's Home Learning from this week 2
Picture 410 Kit exercising on his bike at the pump track.
Picture 411 Playing Twister in the garden - great exercise!
Picture 412 Kit's Titanic research
Picture 413 Toby's Space Travel Poster
Picture 414
Picture 415 Jonah's Poem
Picture 416
Picture 417 Lewis Reading
Picture 418 Elliott's Paper Plane
Picture 419 Lewis's Rocket
Picture 420 Discovering new places is cool.
Picture 421 Harry found these amazing bluebell woods
Picture 422 Harry's Bloodhound Research
Picture 423 Marysia teaching her dog to swim.
Picture 424 1 pump rocket - ready to launch
Picture 425 5-4-3-2-1 blast off!
Picture 426 Rafe's brilliant boat design 1
Picture 427 Rafe's brilliant boat design 2
Picture 428 Rafe's excellent Titanic picture
Picture 429 Rafe's Titanic writing 1
Picture 430 Rafe's Titanic writing 2
Picture 431 Rafe on his 2.6 challenge.
Picture 432 Hamish's brilliant Titanic project
Picture 433 Hamish's Titanic project 2
Picture 434 Hamish's boarding pass
Picture 435 Sampling a 3rd Class passenger menu
Picture 436 Sampling a 1st Class passenger menu.
Picture 437 Preparing for a Zoom Karate lesson.
Picture 438 Hard at work with Home Learning
Picture 439 Let the competition begin!
Picture 440 Hamish getting some exercise on his bike.
Picture 441 Frances has made it to Headliner!!!!!
Picture 442 Frances's brilliant drawing 1
Picture 443 Frances's brilliant drawing 2
Picture 444 Flo's traffic survey - taken on a walk - nice!
Picture 445 Georgia's Car Design
Picture 446 Isabella has been contributing to the archives
Picture 447
Picture 448 Pippa's Travel Survey
Picture 449 Love this space work from Pippa
Picture 450 Impressive Pippa!
Picture 451 A very impressive newspaper article Sam
Picture 452
Picture 453 Wow! What a great Titanic model!
Picture 454 Well done Sam!!! Amazing!!
Picture 455 Toby's brilliant drawing of Matilda
Picture 456
Picture 457
Picture 458 Instructions for making a giant car
Picture 459 Car design
Picture 460 Painting the card white - team work!
Picture 461 Carefully painting the cars
Picture 462 Wow!
Picture 463 Joe's Transport Drawing
Picture 464 Joe's Transport Drawing
Picture 465 Joe's Character Inferences
Picture 466 Joe's HMS Victory Poster
Picture 467 Elsie's Lino Painting
Picture 468 Elsie's Lino Painting
Picture 469 Elsie's Mixed Media Painting
Picture 470 Calum's Dream Bedroom
Picture 471 Calum's Dream Bedroom
Picture 472 Lewis's Lego House
Picture 473 Lewis's Igloo
Picture 474 Lewis's Igloo
Picture 475 Lewis's Floor Plan
Picture 476 Thea's Rocket
Picture 477 Thea's Rocket
Picture 478 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 479 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 480 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 481 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 482 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 483 Thea's Travel and Transport Home Learning
Picture 484 A lockdown snapshot.
Picture 485 Liam's favourite car research.
Picture 486 Liam's Homes project 1
Picture 487 Liam's Homes Project 2
Picture 488 Harry's den.
Picture 489 Harry's 'mobile home' idea.
Picture 490 Who needs a caravan- the whole house is on wheels!
Picture 491 Camping in the garden - nice!
Picture 492 Marysia's fantasy house in watercolours.
Picture 493 Flo's thoughts on her house
Picture 494 Flo's house in 1905.
Picture 495 Frances & unicorn girl.
Picture 496 Is Franksy the next Banksy?
Picture 497 Think she might be...
Picture 498 This is lovely, Frances!
Picture 499 Frances enjoyed learning about deciduous trees
Picture 500 Animals in Transport - by Frances
Picture 501 Frances's Concorde research.
Picture 502 Frances's Space Timeline - wicked!
Picture 503 Frances's Space timeline 1
Picture 504 Frances's Space timeline 2
Picture 505 Millie's Magic box poem - just lovely!
Picture 506 Millie cutting her clay shapes.
Picture 507 What concentration, Millie!
Picture 508 Spraying the clay with paint - fun!
Picture 509 Millie and Jake's clay craft 1
Picture 510 Millie and Jake's clay craft 2
Picture 511 Herbie's potato print art.
Picture 512 Herbie's House-help robot and home poem.
Picture 513 Rafe's house in a box 1
Picture 514 Rafe's house in a box 2
Picture 515 Rafe's house in a box 3
Picture 516 Rafe's home for wildlife - what a lovely idea!
Picture 517 Isaac's Car
Picture 518 Isaac's Car
Picture 519 Isaac's Treehouse
Picture 520 Joe's Shelter
Picture 521 Joe's Bug Hotel
Picture 522 Joe's Badger Report
Picture 523 Joe's Badger Report
Picture 524 Toby's Titanic Poster
Picture 525 Toby's Titanic Poster
Picture 526 Mylo's Den
Picture 527 Mylo's House Design
Picture 528 Mylo's House Design
Picture 529 Elliott's Den
Picture 530 Elliott's Den

Check out Marysia's video

Still image for this video
Marysia made this video as part of our tree topic.

George's Life Cycle Of Plants Video

Still image for this video
George shares his learning on the life cycle of plants.

Luke's Egyptian Dinner Party

Still image for this video

Can you tell which country Liam chose to study?

Still image for this video
Check out Liam's Italian dance by clicking on the link below and looking in the Year 3/4 Playlist.

Ellie and Samuel's VE Day Video

Still image for this video
What a fantastic video!!!

Kayla's self-propelled boat

Still image for this video
What a super travel project Kayla - well done!

Max's Homemade Car

Still image for this video

Calum's Rocket

Still image for this video

Elliott's Paper Plane Race

Still image for this video

Luke's Balloon Cars

Still image for this video

Luke's Teddy Zipwire

Still image for this video