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Miss Crawford's Visit to China

Miss Crawford's Visit to China

Back in October 2019, Miss Crawford joined eight other Hampshire School Leaders in visiting the City of Shenzhen in China. The visit was to establish links with Chinese Schools, share good practice and develop mutual respect and understanding through education.


While there, Miss Crawford and the team delivered a series of presentations to some of the country’s leading educationalists. They also got to visit lots of schools and enjoyed learning about Chinese Culture and the super-modern, technological city of Shenzhen.


During the week, the school made formal links with the following sister schools:


Shenzhen Luohu Cuibei Experimental Primary School

Shenzhen Luohu Foreign Languages Junior School

Shenzhen Bao’an BaoMin Primary School

Shenzhen Bao’an Xixiang Street Fenggang Primary School


For more information and photos, take a look at the daily blog Miss Crawford sent back to school...


Day One

I arrived in Hong Kong about 5pm on Sunday evening and it was 28’C. I met up with the other people on the trip and we travelled from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen.

Today, I have had a busy day sightseeing in the city.

The people are lovely here and it’s a beautifully clean and friendly city.

I’ve sent Mr Willis and Miss Walton some pictures of my trip so far.


Try and spot:

  • Shenzhen from the view point
  • The statue of the famous leader of Shenzhen
  • Shenzhen School Uniform shop
  • Fruits in the market
  • Unusual treats in the market – I tried a tasty fried locust!!


Miss Crawford

Day Two


Today we all went and spoke at a conference and shared information about our schools. I spoke about our We CARE Values and everyone loved it! I signed a ceremonial partnership with two primary schools who would like to keep in touch and work with MOSPS.

We then went on a tour of three primary schools. The schools have around 1500 children and are much bigger than ours. They have separate teachers for every subject, like in secondary schools.

Try and spot:

  • School library
  • Art class
  • Laser cutting models
  • Children using Scratch programming and making robots
  • Block printing
  • Traditional Chinese orchestra
  • Traditional opera
  • An amazing Geography classroom

It is super tidy and clean everywhere in Shenzhen and the schools are the same. The children have done some work on pollution and the importance of keeping the environment clean.


Tomorrow we are off to three more schools in a different district so I will keep you posted.

I hope everyone at MOSPS is well.


Miss you all,

Miss C

Day Three

Hi from Shenzhen!

I am glad everyone is enjoying hearing news from China. Today was really special.

It started off with visiting some more amazing schools.

Here are some of the best bits:

  • Super hard maths
  • Dinner time at school
  • More opera and traditional strings after school club – a bit like Mr Greenall’s Ukulele Club
  • Their maths problems are similar to ours and they do bar modelling too
  • More calligraphy lessons
  • Block printing – we will need to try this at MOSPS
  • Look who I saw – do you recognise him? He says hi to all the staff and children at MOSPS!
  • We went up the 4th highest building in the World. Ping An Tower. It is 592.5metres tall. There were amazing views from the top and a glass floor to stand on!

One thing I must share before I go… The children have two hours off for lunch here. They eat and then have a sleep on little beds at school or go home before afternoon lessons. No wonder our Chinese visitors were tired!! What do you think?? Shall we all have a little sleep in the afternoon?? Nahh!!


Bye for now,

Miss C

Day Four

Today was our last day of visiting schools, followed by a big conference.

The young children really impressed me today with their English – I have sent you a little video to watch.

We visited a school that had 6000 pupils and 800 members of staff - it was like a small town! It had different buildings for different year groups all the way from Nursery up to Year 11. I took a photo of a model of the school.

We were also treated to a model lesson – this is where a whole class of children were on stage being taught by their teacher so we could see what their lesson would be like.

I also had to use my own Courage today to go on stage a present. It was very scary with so many important Chinese officials and teachers. I spoke about our We CARE Values and amazing Forest and Beach Schools. I think they really liked it.

We now have several schools in Shenzhen that would like to work with us and a group who will come and visit.

Have a look at my photos and see if you can spot some things from today:

  • Model of the school
  • Lesson being taught on stage
  • We have been in the Chinese newspapers and on the news
  • Peppa Pig is very popular here – they would love Paultons ParkJ

Bye for now,

Miss C


Still image for this video

Day Five


Today we have been to the tech market and we did some shopping. I’ve bought Mr Willis an exciting gift, but you’ll have to wait until I get back to find out what it is.

This afternoon we did some karaoke – tell Miss Birch and the choir that I did them proud! Apparently it is a very popular Chinese past time.

After this, we went to the Shenzhen Light show which was amazing!

See you all after Half Term!


Miss C

PS – Key Stage 2, I liked your napping photo!