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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


At MOSPS we believe that a strong Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education is key to developing successful, happy life-long learners. Our world is changing rapidly and our PSHE curriculum needs to be dynamic and relevant to our pupils’ context, locally, nationally and globally.


The core elements of study are Health and Well-being, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. PSHE skills and attributes are taught throughout our whole school curriculum and are an essential part in safeguarding our pupils. 


The intention of our PSHE curriculum is to build growth mindset characteristics in our pupils, strongly underpinned by our We CARE Values. Pupils learn how to self-regulate, thrive on feedback, embrace challenge and overcome obstacles. We offer opportunities for pupils to explore their feelings, spirituality and creativity. To find out who they want to be and explore the pathways they will need to take to get there.


Our ‘We CARE’ curriculum helps develop and maintain a healthy self-concept and the skills to be reflective about new experiences, beliefs and values. We provide opportunity to discuss social and moral dilemmas. We actively engage with issues of diversity, identity and equality through the exploration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We explore wellbeing and key factors in this (local and global) and causes and consequences of economic inequality. We also develop pupils understanding of different types of rights, with particular reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  


Our curriculum offers a lots of opportunity to develop empathy and compassion, how to respect the ideas and beliefs of others and how to be discerning in evaluating arguments.


Our intention is for pupils to leave primary ready for secondary and the world of work by being active listeners, team players, negotiators, communicators and leaders. They will be able to risk assess and keep themselves safe, both in the real and virtual world. They will be open minded individuals who will make a valuable contribution to our global society.