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Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Our History topic this half-term was the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We began our topic by investigating and answering the question - Who were the Anglo-Saxons? In this session we created an Anglo-Saxon village, which was great fun. The next session involved answering the question - Who were the Vikings? We had to decide if the clues we were given were linked to the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings or neither. We found this tricky, but were amazed at some of the facts we learnt. We also found out what a Viking longboat was and thought about the size and how these would have sailed across seas and oceans. We used the information to make a collage of a Viking longboat. We were excited to learn all about the rulers of Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain and who defeated who in different battles. It was great to Learn about Alfred the Great and his links to Winchester and we finished by trying to decide who we would elect king of England. Most of us voted for Harold Godwinson, but due to his stubborn nature, his men were too tired and lost the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Finally we looked at the impact the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings had. 

We really enjoyed this History topic.