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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


Curriculum Intention

At Milford-on-Sea Primary School, we intend art to be a creative and expressive part of our curriculum, where pupils have the freedom to explore and communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a range of different experiences, and by appreciating themselves and their surroundings.


Our intent for arts at MOSPS is for our curriculum to provide a basis for pupils to learn to explore a range of different forms including art, dance, music and drama, whilst enabling the learners to progress and develop their skills, confidence and appreciation of these areas.


The arts will aspire to be a foundation on which children can enjoy a wide range of different experiences, including those of different perspectives, ideas, beliefs and values, as well as providing opportunities to learn about different cultures and how these are represented, and celebrated, through the arts.


We want our pupils to be reflective, both towards their own ideas and experiences, and towards those of others’. They will be introduced to a range of different artists, crafts people and designers, locally, nationally and globally, and will be encouraged to critically evaluate and explore these, as well as respond to them in their own work. Sharing and celebrating the work of others’ forms the basis for most units of work.


Our curriculum for the arts aims to make links with other curriculum areas, where possible, and pupils’ work will often be part of a cross curricular theme such as ‘remembrance’, ‘appreciation’ or ‘justice’. All year groups are provided with regular opportunities to perform and share their work linked with the arts, including through Worship and other annual celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.


Key Concepts