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Live Link 9

Class 11's Live Link


In contrast to class 9’s session, technology smiled on us for Class 11’s live link, despite very heavy rain in Kushadevi!

This week both sets of children shared poems about the importance of water. SK had to translate a rather lengthy poem ‘The Day I Fell Down The Toilet’, which dealt with the problem of sewage being piped into our oceans. Our pupils performed the poem beautifully.

In return some of the Kushadevi pupils, from class 5 and 6 sang a poem  for us, which talked of the importance of water for the rice crop. We were then told that they had chosen the poem because it is currently rice-planting season, so it was really topical.

This time it was there turn to be impressed with us, as all of our Q & A pupils introduced themselves in Nepali, before asking their questions.

Nice one class 11!