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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore

Young Leaders

At MOSPS we are very proud of our young leaders. 


We believe it is important to allow our pupils to show their 'We CARE' values through taking on important roles in a number of areas across the school. Firstly they have to 'Aspire' to be a leader, a role-model to others and to make an additional, positive contribution to the school community. Then they demonstrate 'Courage' when putting themselves forward for a particular role or responsibility, often having to apply in writing. Once in their positions, they get to 'Explore' the role of leadership, which demands 'Respect' for themselves, others and for the responsibilities demanded by their position. 


Find out more about our Young Leaders and their roles and responsibilities below:



House Captains

Our House Captains have one term in office. Their role is to inspire and celebrate the achievements of their teams each week.


They collect in the weekly House (dojo) Points and work together to create and deliver a presentation to share the results with the rest of the school at the close of our Friday Worship.


Our House Captains for the Autumn Term are:


Cyber Ambassadors

This year, our E-Safety Team have a new name - Cyber Ambassadors, as we have signed up to a National Cyber Safety Scheme devised by the Police & Crime Commissioner and delivered by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police.


Their role is to attend a day's training, create a Cyber Ambassador Notice Board, support with National Days (Safer Internet Day etc), help to communicate Cyber Safety to the school community and be a point of contact for their peers on all internet and computing issues.




Dinner Hall Leaders

This is such an important role in the school. With so many of our children selecting lunches from our fantastic, varied menu, getting everyone in and out of the dining hall between 11:45 and 12:45 pm can be quite a logistical challenge! Our Dinner Hall Leaders support our Lunchtime Assistant team in helping our younger children with lunchtime routines. They help they provide might be: cutting up  food, encouraging children to eat their vegetables; dealing with issues such as spillages and answering questions. Towards the end of the lunch hour they then help to clean and stack chairs, so that our hall is fit for afternoon lessons.


Our team of Dinner Hall Leaders 2019-20 are:


Play Leaders

Our team of Play Leaders work with our KS1 pupils at lunchtimes. They do everything from being a 'buddy' for someone who needs it, encouraging pupils to be active and play nicely, to organising and supporting structured games. As they do this, they provide a fantastic role-model to our younger pupils - often providing help and support with key skills of play, such as turn-taking, sportsmanship, teamwork and risk evaluation.


Our fantastic team of Play Leaders for 2019-20 are:


Our fantastic team of librarians play an important role in ensuring that our treasure-trove of books are easily accessible to everyone in our school community. Their roles include supporting Mrs Hobby with library duties, such as returning books to shelves, tidying the library and re-setting displays and chasing up overdue books, as well as supporting younger children with using the library.


The Librarian team for 2019-20 are:

New for 2019-20

Construction Team

With such a big building project going on just outside our school grounds, we have introduced a Construction Team to our list of responsibilities. Pupils on the team will work alongside Miss Crawford and Mrs Cummings, making weekly visits to the site to learn all about construction and to see how the site changes. They may even learn how to lay bricks! 


They will then be responsible for reporting back to the school community through a Construction Team notice board and occasionally at the close of whole-school Worships.