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Science - Plants


For Spring 2 our Science focus has been plants. We started out lessons by identifying and understanding the role of the different parts of a flowering plant. We then learnt what plants require in order to grow and we also learnt about how seeds germinate. Using this knowledge we set-up an investigation with the question - Do seeds need soil to germinate? We made predictions, thought about what we would keep the same and change, decided how we would measure our investigation and thought carefully about the equipment we would require. In Session 3 we dissected flowers and used this to help us learn about the different parts of a flower - we then made a flower fact file. 



After this, we learned about the life-cycle of flowering plants and carried out a pollination investigation. We then used all of our knowledge to make our own life-cycle in our books. We still have to finish our investigation, but so far our broad bean seeds are growing very well in a lot of different materials. 


We were very excited to finish our investigation 'Do seeds need soils to germinate?' and could see that in all the pots the seed germinated and grew. We thought about which seed grew the most and why this might have happened. We also considered if our test was fair throughout and the changes we could make if we were to carry it out again. We then finished the investigation by considering what other questions we could think of to investigate such as: Will seeds germinate in darkness?