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Rocks and Soils

In the first half of our spring term, Year 3 and 4 all became geologists when we learnt about rocks and soils as part of our science unit.

First, we learnt about the different types of rocks – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. Igneous rocks are formed when hot magma erupts from a volcano and cools. Sedimentary rocks form over many years, when layers of sediment build up under water. After a while, the pressure of so many layers turns the bottom layer into rock. Finally, Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have changed state, normally due to lots of heat or pressure.

After we had learnt to classify our different rocks, we also tested the properties of different rocks. To do this, we conducted an investigation. Firstly, we tested the permeability of each rock by using pipettes to drip water on each one. Next, we used sandpaper to test the durability of each rock. Finally, we tested the density of each rocks by dropping them in water.

We also learnt about fossils – how old they are, and how they were made. We learnt that some fossils were formed millions of years ago!

We really enjoyed being geologists and learnt a lot in this unit!

We would like to offer a big thank you to Mrs Bradley-Watson for lending us her collection of rocks and fossils to aid our learning.