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Live Link 6

Class 7 Talk Healthy Bodies and Minds


In their live-link, class 7 decided to talk about healthy eating, exercise and the importance of sleep. They shared the concept of a balanced  meal, the current recommendations the amount of exercise children should undertake on a daily basis and then talked about the need to turn off screens at least an hour before bedtime. The Kushadevi pupils might not all have their own smartphones, but some have tablets and limited internet access, and most have TVs. They shared with us what they thought was important to good health and it was interesting to see that they have a different attitude to exercise than we do here. We are so focused on keeping active, that we treat walking to school as daily exercise, whereas they think of exercise as just sport and PE.

Unfortunately the session ran out of time before Joey could share with us Traditional Nepali food, so that we could see if it was a balanced diet, but she will be back in next week to work once again with class 7.