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Living Things and their Habitats

Living Things and their Habitats

This half-term our science lessons are based around classifying and identifying living things and the habitats they live in. 

Session 1: What is a habitat? 

In this session we spent time trying to work out a definition for the word habitat and we came up with lots of ideas about what we thought one was. We then explored a variety of habitats such as the coral reef, ponds, forests, South Pole and rainforests. We then chose a habitat and researched food, plants, animals and climate. Finally we invented a creature we thought would be able to survive in this habitat. It was lots of fun, but it was tricky to think of an animal that might survive. 



Session 2: Mini Beast Hunters 

In our second session, we went down to the school garden and became mini beast hunters. We explored the different areas making sure we were quiet. We lifted plant pots, explored the flower beds and looked high and low. We were excited to find a beautiful butterfly, a centipede, bees, woodlouse and spiders.  

Session 3: Pond Dipping

In today's session we were very excited to visit our Forest School area and go pond dipping. Before we went, we discussed safety and how we should carry out the pond dipping, what equipment we would need and what we could use to identify our findings. we  found water boatmen, newts, water louse, water worms, a blood worm. We also looked at the water lilies, reeds and algae as plants.