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Tree Charter Day 2020

2020 - The Year of the Tree


MOSPS Celebrates National Tree Charter Day  2020

On November 27th, the whole school got into a 'celebrator-tree' mood and dedicated the day to the wonder of trees.

The day kicked off with a second showing of the animated film of the book ‘The Promise’, by Nicola Davies, in which a girl makes a promise to plant acorns and sees how this simple act makes a positive change to everyone around her.

To check out the film yourself, click here.

Our whole school worship then considered the importance of trees to people all over the world through the book ‘We Planted A Tree’ by Diane Muldrow and we gave thanks to God for giving the earth the gift of trees. Check out our Tree Charter Day Worship here.

Throughout the day, children produced some amazing poet-tree, got stuck in to some tree-mendous maths activities and got creative with some arboreal art. Click here to see our 'Tree Gallery'

In the afternoon, pupils from every class got to plant a new tree in our school grounds with Keith Metcalf and Chris Barrass from the Milford Conservation Volunteers, who kindly provided the school with 50 native hedgerow trees and two mature hazels for our Forest School area. Click here to see photos.

To finish off the day, each class made a pledge for trees which they turned into a decoration to hang on our Christmas tree. Click here to see our pledge decorations.

Poet-Tree from Yr 1/2 and Yr 3/4


Year 1/2 children wrote some Haiku poems, turning photos of of our native trees into three-line syllabic poems with the syllabic structure 5/7/5.

Check out some of their work below:


The holly tree has

Red berries and spikey leaves

It looks so pretty.

Charlie & Wilbur


The tall, tall oak tree

With a rough thick trunk so strong

Green leaves and acorns.

Aaaron & Stanley





The Rowan tree has

Lots of berries all bright red

And lots of green leaves



The oak tree grows up

Sun makes the acorns bigger

Food for grey squirrels

Lily and Jakub


Autumn leaves fall down

Lovely colours all around

They are so crunchy.

Class 4


This amazing tree

I touch its great twirly trunk

It is wonderful.



My wonderful tree

From roots to canopy green

And I feel happy!



The silver birch trees

Have silver trunks so tall and thin

And lots of green leaves.

Dylan and Esther




In Year 3/4 the children in class 6 took Kit Wright's 'The Magic Box' poem as a structure for writing their own versions all about trees.


As more are published, we will add them to this page, but here is Osh's poem to get you started:


The Tree Box


I will put in the box

The shelter of the biggest tree

Hundreds of yellow leaves casting shadows

Leaves gently floating down and down.


I will put in the box

The new buds of garden trees,

The carbon dioxide-eating machines

Ancient trees, homes for birds.


I will put in the box

The memory of climbing higher

Those gently curved branches to put a smile on your face

And the pledge to keep trees safe.


I will put in the box

The rat-a-tat-tat of a million drops of rain falling through leaves

The squeaking of a hungry squirrel

The bright colours that trees bring to a dull city.


I will put in the box

The best piece of fruit there is

A bird spreading seeds for future generations

My favourite tree I visited.


My box is fashioned from the oak of England

With the stories of fairies carved in the lid

Millions of secrets cover the corners

Its hinges made from roots of good and evil.


I shall hide in my box

until the storm is over

And only peek out when the sun has risen.