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Class 11 Live Link

Sister Schools’ Project 2019-20 Kicks Off With Class 11

Last Wednesday our Sister School’s project kicked off with the first live link of the year. Once again we are using the UN Global Goals for Sustainability as a framework for our conversations and last week class 11 were considering the problem of clean air. Both classes prepared posters to promote the need for clean air and talked about what they were doing to try to combat air pollution, such as walking to school etc. The pupils from Kushadevi explained that because there are not many cars in the village, air pollution isn’t really an issue, but it is in Kathmandu. The children from both classes had really thought about the right to clean air and their responsibility in helping to reduce air pollution. Next up will be class 10 and they will be considering how to reduce energy use as a way of combating the pollution caused by power stations.