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World Vet Service Malawi Project

Year 3/4 ‘Save Our Species’ Geography Topic

in collaboration with Worldwide Veterinary Service and Young Vets Club


We have kicked off the year with a very exciting Geography project we have called ‘Save Our Species’ which is all about endangered animals and climate change.

The project is in collaboration with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) and Young Vets Club, and continues our global learning linked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (particularly Goals 7, 12, 13, 14, & 15).

Nicky, from WVS, came in to talk to the children in assembly about the charity and the different projects taking place all over the world in order to protect vulnerable animals. She also introduced the children to a new project we are involved in with linked with Malawi, Africa.

The children then spent the week investigating, discussing and debating the issues surrounding climate change, endangered species and the illegal wildlife trade. They have identified the devastating consequences climate change is having on the environment and have thought carefully about what they can do to help the situation.

Throughout the week, the Yr 3/4 staff collected examples of the children’s to be sent to a new link school in Blantyre, Malawi. The children in the link school are also undertaking out the same project work and will be sending us some examples of their work too. Hopefully this will be the start of another exciting cross-continent collaboration for MOSPS.

We have already heard that Nicky has emailed out a picture of our display and received some great feedback from Malawi!

The children have loved the project, which was made even more purposeful through the upcoming link school work, and have continued their journey to becoming active global citizens.  

Competition Time


At the end of the project, the children were invited to take part in the Young Vets Club School Storyboard Competition, where thy have the chance to win themselves a membership to Young Vets Club. The task they had to do was to illustrate a short story about an elephant which had to be rescued from the wild and looked after by WVS.


We were really pleased with the number of children that entered the competition and are keeping our fingers crossed that there may be a winner, or two, amongst them.


Below is the outline of the competition and at the bottom of this page you'll find the children's entries.