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European Study - Tenerife




As part of our European Study, we are going to be learning a lot about the volcanic island of Tenerife. This place in Europe was chosen as Mrs Chilcott lived there and we also have children and staff with family members still living there now. 


Our first lesson was all about finding out where in the world Tenerife is. The children used a world map had to locate what ocean it is surrounded by, what hemisphere it sits in, what continent it is nearest to and what continent and country Tenerife is governed by. The children also enjoyed exploring the island via Google Earth zooming in and out of Mount Teide and exploring different parts of the island. At the end of the lesson, each child wrote down 3 questions they would like to find the answer to during our topic. We cannot wait to share more of our learning with you. 


Our second lesson was finding out different facts about the island such as: climate, history, the flag, Mount Teide and fun facts. We enjoyed watching videos about the island of Tenerife and were amazed at the magnificent landscapes on the volcanic island. It was really interesting learning about 'Calimas' which is when wind is swept off the Saharan Desert and covers Tenerife. We asked Mrs Chilcott if she had experienced one and she had experienced four when on holiday and when living there. She told us they weren't as scary as they looked. We can't wait for our next lesson.