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Hindu Values

This half term, we have explored our second religion - Hinduism.

We looked at the similarities and differences of Hinduism and Christianity such as their different Gods. We then looked further into Hindu values and focussed on the concept of identities.

We thought about our own identities and which communities or groups we would identify ourselves as. 

Dharma is a moral code that some Hindus follow and it made us think about how doing the right thing can affect us and others around us.

We came up with a class dharma code to follow and painted pictures of what we believed a good person looked like.

After this, we watched a video from a Hindu boys perspective teaching us about the idea of reincarnation and how karma can affect your decisions in life. 

We thought about the Hindu cycle of life (Samsara) and played a game of snaked and ladders, thinking about the good choices and the bad choices we can make.

We are looking forward to our Hindu visitor next week!